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General Musings By On 2 January, 2017

New Year & New Blog

Family and my regular job have been keeping me pretty busy for the last couple of years, yes and I mean years not months or weeks and my hobby time has been virtually zero… anyone else feel like life is zipping past at 100mph? Anyway, one of my more important New Year’s Resolution is to make more time for painting,…

General Musings By On 2 August, 2015

My Space Wolves Army Project Chapter I

It’s going to happen… I’ve chosen a small battleforce as starting point,  I have a short attention span and need to make it achievable: Grey Hunter Squad – 5 x Grey Hunters Grey Hunter Squad – 1 x Wolf Guard Pack Leader, 9 x Grey Hunters Rhino Scout Squad – 1 x Wolf Guard Pack Leader, 4 x Scouts Sky…

Sculpting By On 28 September, 2012

A Long Road Ahead

Having the new carry case that my Father-in-law made for me was a god send this year. It meant that I could finally take more than one thing with me to the show. So I decided to take my sculpting attempts with me, as you know I haven’t been doing it very long so I didn’t have a lot to…